Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between buying a membership and becoming a ‘Friend of MUTC’?
We want everyone to join the fun and get involved, but we understand that sometimes people can’t commit! Our ‘Friends of MUTC’ sign-up allows you to join our email list so you receive our weekly updates.

Note, all competitions are exclusive to members only and some social events give members discounted prices, unfortunately these privileges do not extend to ‘Friends of MUTC’.

How do I become a MUTC member?
Follow the link above titled 'JOIN THE CLUB', or alternatively follow this direct link here.

Should I buy a student membership or a non-student membership?
As the name suggests, UoM-student memberships are only available to current University of Melbourne students, that means you are attending classes and have student ID number. Everybody else is considered a non-UOM student, including those who aren't students at all, students from other universities as well as University of Melbourne staff and alumni.

MUTC performs regular compliance checks of our student members. Penalties may apply.

Why are non-UoM student memberships more expensive?
Students at the University of Melbourne pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) through which MUTC receives an annual allocation of funds. Given non-students do not pay this fee, it is Melbourne University Sport policy that all relevant sporting clubs must differentiate membership fees by a prescribed amount.

While we’d love to charge everyone the same amount, this is the current policy!

If you believe that you contribute to the club in a significant way, you may be eligible to have this fee waived. A significant contribution may include volunteering at the club or representing Melbourne University in external competitions. Please contact the club for further information.

What does membership include?
Take a look above! MUTC memberships give you access to various free events and activities, as well as exclusive access to competitions and social events.

As well as our program of activities, members are also covered by Personal Accident Insurance when on court during officially organised competition and training events.

Why isn't free or discounted court hire included in the membership?
Unlike other tennis clubs around Victoria, MUTC doesn't own or operate the tennis courts we use at the University of Melbourne. Whilst we look forward to and pride ourselves on working with MU Sport to maintain and advance these facilities, we too have to book our own courts.

Personal court bookings are available at student and non-student rates through MU Sport at the Nona Lee Sports Centre reception.

What if I just want to hit socially?
Not a problem! All members can make use of the courts during our Club Hitting sessions that take place 12-4pm every Tuesday and 2-6pm every Friday during Semesters 1 and 2. Plenty of members of varying skill sets attend, so you should always be able to find a hitting partner!

How do I keep up to date with MUTC?
We love using our Facebook page, in fact it's where you’ll find all our updates and communications! Also, all members and friends will receive a brief email update weekly (which will never take longer than two minutes to read).