Newsletter of the week (11 Feb)

Welcome to MUTC's first newsletter for 2019!


~  Meet the 2019 Committee ~
~  Competitions ~
~  Melbourne Tennis Month ~
~  MUTC Open Day ~

 Meet the 2019 Committee! 

Introducing the 2019 Committee! We wish the 2019 committee a wonderful year ahead and thank you to all the ongoing/outgoing committee members for all the hard work they put into MUTC this year! 

Co-Presidents: Dhiran Pillay & Timothy Hock-An Balaguru 
Vice President: Ranvir Singhsachakul 
Secretary: Jono Kinsella 
Treasurer: Leo Shile Ye 
Outward Communications Coordinators: Anna Li & Stephen Watson 
Social Coordinators: Vienne Lu, Alasdair Bliss & Daniel Revesz 
Competition Coordinators: Aleks Vuruna, Stevan Bozovic, Berlinda Lim & Macey Ren 


Pennant is your chance to represent Melbourne University in Victoria's largest inter-club competitions. After one of our most successful Pennant seasons last year, with four of our teams making finals, MUTC is back, determined to make 2019 even better. What you need to know:

All players wishing to play Pennant MUST attend the Pennant Grading, which will allow us to assess your level and place you in the appropriate team. 

Ideal for new players: Wednesday 27th February from 5pm to 9pm
Ideal for returning players: Saturday 2nd March from 9am to 1pm
Overflow day: Sunday 3rd March from 9am to 1pm

Note: Pennant is a high commitment activity, with travel requirements for away matches. Your team will play on Saturday or Sunday morning for women, or Saturday or Sunday afternoon for men.

Melbourne Tennis Month 

February is officially Melbourne Tennis Month, so MUTC is taking part with a special event on Friday 22nd February at the University of Melbourne tennis courts! This event will run from 2pm to 5pm. Get excited for the planned activities including:

  • 2-3:30pm: Social Tennis

  • 3:30-4pm: Radar gun use / fastest serve competition

  • 4-5pm: Coaching/Clinic

MUTC Open Day

MUTC Open Day is happening on Thursday 28th February from 11am to 3pm.
Come to the concrete lawn behind Union House and meet us there!