What membership do you need? 

Memberships are available to both University of Melbourne (UoM) students and non-UoM students for each calendar year.

UoM student memberships are available to current University of Melbourne students only. This discounted membership price reflects the contribution you make to the University’s clubs and facilities via your Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF).

Non-UoM student memberships are available to all other participants, including non-students, students from other Universities, University of Melbourne alumni and staff as well as anyone else you can think of. As per Melbourne University Sport policy, this membership will be more expensive to account for SSAFs not received.

Note, all memberships apply to that designated calendar year only. For example, a membership purchased in March will be valid for the remainder of that calendar year only. Similarly, a membership purchased in August will be valid for the remainder of that calendar year only, however prices may be discounted pro-rata to reflect this shortened period.


Half-Yearly UoM student membership: $30

Half-Yearly non-UoM student membership: $86

If you purchase a membership this year, it will be valid until 29 February 2020.